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After completion of her BVSc & AH degree from Assam Agricultural University, Dr Pallabi joined as Assistant Veterinary Surgeon with IFAW-WTI. And later she had worked with World Animal Protection, Agriculture Technology Management Agency and the prestigious Tata Trust of India. As a veterinarian she has years of experience in development sector. She worked in diversified field of wildlife management, disaster management, livelihood management wherein she was associated with activities like wildlife conservation, treatment of pet and wild animals and farming in various world destinations of Asia and Oceania. Her core competencies are Veterinary Paediatrics, Dermatology, Nutrition and Behaviour.

According to Dr Bhagawati there is a strong need of awareness among Pet Parents on scientific management and nurturing of Pets. In most of the cases mismanagement due to lack of fundamental scientific knowledge, leads to development of various disorders in pets. Hence, VetCoachLive aims at helping Pet Parents to manage their pets in a more organized manner to avoid untoward tragedies.

Why trust VetCoachLive?


VetCoachLive is created by a team of experienced veterinarians who care about the health and well-being of pet animals.

Our vets are well experienced in healthcare and diagnosis of animal diseases. Online mode of offering advice has made our service more reachable to our pet owners.

Many Pets at Home?


Register as many pets as you like in your VetCoachLive account. For each consultation, you can either choose a pet you have already registered or add a new pet.

WARNING: VetCoachLive provides you with professional advice but does not replace a clinical veterinary consultation. In case of serious illness or injury, critical conditions please consult your nearest veterinarian.