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2019-03-25 12:38:50
animal welfare

Moral responsibility of a Pet health professional, pet parents, breeders and animal welfare educator

Health care profession is one of the most amazing life one can take up. Life giving or life saving has beed considered as divine action. Be it animals or humans a doctor or anyone who deals with well-being of a life in distress is noble man. Here I will talk about animal health care professional. With the great responsibility come along the great sense of ethics. While I talking about healthcare here, I am not just mentioning about a veterinarian but all of those who are involved in welfare of animals. Anyone who has a pet is responsible for the health and wellness of the voiceless. Practically, their fate is always decided by the hands they belong to or by those who handles them. Because we are the gods who took their responsibilities and enjoy their playfulness along with productivity, we should actually be able to act like a god for them. 

A dog doesn't choose a owner or a breeder or a veterinarian or a pet lover (we fall in love selectively, they just reciprocate unconditionally). We choose them for our own benefit, be it emotional fulfillment or material gain (as in case of breeding of pets). In my opinion, in our world, human world nothing is unconditional and that's fine but we are the only ones who vowed for humanity and love for self and beyond. So,  it is our moral responsibility to take care of a pet when they are with us.  

Feel the love, reach out to help to help them. Be a compassionate pet care takers. 

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